Professional events

Professional events

Session 2: Action to reduce radon exposure in dwellings

Action to reduce radon exposure in dwellings

Speech and presentations from United Kingdom, France (IRSN), Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Spain.

La réduction de l’exposition au radon dans l’habitat

Interventions et présentations des représentants du Royaume-Uni, de France (IRSN), de Finlande, de Norvège, de Suisse et d’Espagne


High radon levels in UK homes : progress and plans
Neil Mc Coll from CRCE, Public Health England


High radon levels in French homes (Bessines)
Jeremie Vallet (French Environment ministry) and

Alain Rannou (IRSN), France


Radon exposure in Finland
Päivi Kurttio,STUK -Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, FINLAND


Radon prevention through systematic public health work in a municipality
Finn Martinsen from Norwegian Directorate of Health


Radon protection in occupied buildings in Swiss building standards
Claude-Alain Roulet from SIA 180 drafting committee


Radon and energy saving measures in new and existing buildings in Switzerland
Joëlle Goyette from the School of engineering and Architecture of Fribourg


The cost of ventilation as a solution for reducing indoor radon in terms of energy efficiency loss
Borja Frutos and Manuel Olaya from Eduardo Torroja Institute of buildings science


The future Spanish building code on the radon protection area
Linares-Alemparte Pilar Architect


The key points for the session 2

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